June 2008 Meeting

Location: Apple Store Ginza Theatre.



Firefox 3

Speaker: Gen Kanai 

Overview of Firefox 3 on Mac OS. Judging from Gen’s blog, we can look forward to readable Japanese URLs due to UTF-8 support in the location bar and a number of other enhancements. Feel free to download the Firefox 3 release to test out while following along with Gen’s talk.  

Gone Phishing

Speaker: Matthew Watson

While we all would like to believe that most websites we visit with are well intentioned, there is obviously a reasonable risk associated with interacting with sites run for nefarious purposes. How do you tell the good from the bad? Where does e-mail and spam factor into this? Enlightening our fear of the unknown, Matthew will unveil tips to a safe journey through the internets. 

3G iPhone in Japan

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco finalized the details of the iPhone’s arrival in Japan. Look forward to a lively discussion on the ins and outs of getting one, plus a special Ringo surprise of our own…