About the Aqua Daemon

Aqua DaemonEverything you always wanted to know about the Aqua-Daemon™, but were afraid to ask

Daemon? Are you guys satanists or what?

No, this is all about BSD and UNIX tradition. And the Ringo Otaku™ try to carry on with that tradition. For a long time now the BSD Daemon has been the mascot for BSD UNIX (Free BSD in particular). And we thought, why not give OS X, which is a full-fledged BSD style UNIX its own daemon?

Why not use Hexley the platypus?

Well apparently he is the mascot for Darwin, the open-source version of the underpinnings of OS X. But one of the things that make OS X so special is the Aqua user interface. Since Darwin lacks the Aqua user interface, having an Aqua Daemon for OS X makes just more sense to us.

How about copyright?

Daemon wants you for Ringo armyI (Kilian Muster) had my concerns when creating this little guy, after all it is highly inspired by the BSD daemon, so I contacted Marshall Kirk McKusick (the copyright holder of the BSD daemon) and asked him, what he thinks about this.

He was very relaxed about it (stating that OS X qualifies as a BSD derivant and all) and said that he won’t claim any control over this character, being apparently different enough to be recognized as my own creation. So in case you want to use the Ringo Aqua Daemon for anything else, but Ringo PR, I ask you to please check back with me, and get permission.

I also learned from him that the BSD daemon actually, in contrast to common belief, doesn’t have a name (the name “Chuck” was an invention of an overly inventive journalist and not the official name), and that if anyone really has to give him a name, McKusick prefers to call him “beasty” (pun, pun!)

In line with this tradition we decided to not give our daemon a name either. It’s just the Aqua Daemon.

I still don’t get it, why a daemon?

Just read this little info page.