About Ringo

Ringo (林檎) is Japanese for “Apple”.

Just In case you wondered about the name.

What is Ringo?

Ringo is a community of English-speaking Mac users in the greater Tokyo area. Our Members like to learn and share ideas, thoughts and technical advice mainly through our online forum. Being an Apple User Group our focus goes beyond technology alone. Members of Ringo in Japan are a diverse group of people with a wide range of professional backgrounds. Our members are designers, developers, artists, educators, students, business people, translators from all around the world with one thing in common. We really love our Macs and want to use them to their fullest potential. And we like to share what we’ve learned.

Our Community

Essentially Ringo is here to connect Mac users living in the Kanto area (or elsewhere in Japan) to have a safe, fun and diverse place to share ideas, questions and help each other out.

Membership with Ringo is free.