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Macintosh / Re: Mac Always Try to Boot Off the Wrong Disk
« Last post by Robert Hancock on Today at 06:32:53 PM »
I think I read that PRAM controls the set boot disk.  Reset it when you have boot disk problems.

Yes it does—sometimes oldies are goodies!

What's Stored in the NVRAM or PRAM?
Most Mac users don't think much about their Mac's parameter RAM, but it works hard anyway, keeping track of the following:

Startup volume
Speaker volume
Display settings (resolution, color depth, refresh rate, number of displays)
Kernel panics information
DVD region settings
Date and time, including time zone
When your Mac starts up, it checks the parameter RAM to see which volume to boot from and how to set other important parameters.

Occasionally, the data stored in the parameter RAM is bad, which can cause various issues with your Mac, including the following common problems:

Wrong date, time, or time zone.
Speaker volume set too loud or too soft.
Display problems. Sometimes you'll see the gray Apple boot screen and then the display will go blank. Other times you'll see a message that the resolution or refresh rate is out of range.
Wrong startup volume.
A question mark (?) at startup, followed by a long delay before your Mac starts up.
Macintosh / Re: Mac Always Try to Boot Off the Wrong Disk
« Last post by edurbrow on Today at 05:14:22 PM »
No, I didn't do a PRAM test.
I reinstalled Mavericks from a Time Machine Backup this morning. Good Gawd, it was from 29 Nov 2016! I’ve been a bit negligent with backing up. I was a bit worried because when it booted up off of the TimeMachine Backup all the dock icons were replaced by question marks and there were no applications. But a restart with option choosing the SSD brought the familiar Desktop into view.

So far, seems to work. Important programs fired up. Every Apple thing I open need to reset in some way. Much Calendar data gone. Can’t find my draft of party invitations in Mail, for example. I haven’t tried to restart yet, but I did try to set it in SysPrefs with no good results. I could set it but do nothing after that. In fact I force quit it. But no crashes today.
Macintosh / Re: Mac Always Try to Boot Off the Wrong Disk
« Last post by Robert Hancock on Today at 04:24:02 PM »
Did you do a PRAM reset?
This App is being  advertised in Japanese on line media. It allows you to track the number of foreigners in your cellphone area by 1) Nationality, 2) Times they are in your area and by which airports they entered and the routes. I assume it supplies other data too. The nationalities it specifically allows you to track are Americans, Chinese, Taiwanese, South Koreans and Hong Kongers. Also, presumably "others". I can't see any real commercial use for this device at all and it strikes me as rather bizarre, to say the least
Macintosh / Re: Mac Always Try to Boot Off the Wrong Disk
« Last post by RevX on Today at 11:49:36 AM »
IMHO Google isn't anyone's friend. It wants power domination and your data and money.   ;D It can be useful tho. Try duck duck go for less power etc etc  :)
Macintosh / Re: Mac Always Try to Boot Off the Wrong Disk
« Last post by Mickey Chaplan on Today at 09:16:21 AM »
Welcome to the twenty first century, Ed!
PS Google is your friend.  (Or WAS your friend in the twentieth century...)
But my thoughts are below in the first post :) So I guess your question to those thoughts is :
I believe I have heard you say that you intend to not "work" anymore, and I am wondering what that means, and what that is about. ??

So in its simplest it means not having an existence where I am obligated, for set time limits, to do something for someone else for monetary reward.

To answer differently. I work every day. Now my life is my work and I am fully busy 24 hrs. Yes including when I'm asleep . Correct and good sleep is part of my life. During the day I just don't know how I could fit in work for money at this time. I am filled with living my life. This could be said to be trying to live a tantric life.

I am following this life as I choose a path that looks to be the best for my mind and body to be healthy and connected. To grow and connect with people who feel close to me and to connect to as much in nature as I can. Also to try to constantly challenge myself and have some interesting experiences along the way.

I also enjoy being of service to others or to the planet ( a very high form of yoga) and choose this where it feels good. At some point I may discover other useful purpose which may or may not bring more monetary reward.

Macintosh / Re: Mac Always Try to Boot Off the Wrong Disk
« Last post by RevX on July 24, 2017, 11:51:27 PM »
End of L...

Get it  :D
Macintosh / Re: Mac Always Try to Boot Off the Wrong Disk
« Last post by edurbrow on July 24, 2017, 11:14:59 PM »
Robert, you should be in the military with all the abbreviation/acronyms you use. :-) Or better put, I definitely shouldn't as I am so dense that I can never guess the meaning of even obvious ones. What is EOL?
I'll have to check the brand tomorrow. But does it sound like hardware? I did try to repair disk in Disk Utilities and it appeared ok.
Today, it took 8 boots to get it to work without a freeze (but always the freeze where you can move the mouse) before it "clicked". I've been using it until now. Just now the trackball in the living room stopped working, though the scroll wheel works, so I came into the studio and am typing on the hated Japanese keyboard.
I've got one more test I hope I can make in order to get through this last work week, then I can think about replacement etc. I have been remiss with my backups lately. I have a back up of the boot SSD around here somewhere.
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