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iPhone, iPad, iPod, aTV, Watch, etc. / Re: Airdrop problem
« Last post by Robert Hancock on Today at 11:00:25 AM »

This Reddit post lists the new BT4.0 LE card, etc., you need for which Mac
iPhone, iPad, iPod, aTV, Watch, etc. / Re: Airdrop problem
« Last post by Jim_S on Today at 10:57:18 AM »
There is some kind of disconnect between Mavericks OS and Yosemite and above. The laptops running 10.10 + around here will no longer do airdrop with the Mavericks DTs
iPhone, iPad, iPod, aTV, Watch, etc. / Re: Airdrop problem
« Last post by Robert Hancock on Today at 10:50:10 AM »
Yes, that's true—although one of my Macs is a 2008 MacPro and it does Airdrop fine (because I updated the Wi-Fi/BT card in it to a card from an iMac 2014 which cost $100 on ebay.)

Is there a hack that allows Airdrop to function on unsupported laptops?  I vaguely remember something about it.

Here you are, but it requires some finessing and not sure it's worth the effort.

iPhone, iPad, iPod, aTV, Watch, etc. / Re: Airdrop problem
« Last post by Tim K on Today at 10:29:50 AM »
I've been told on Apple communities that a MacBook must be at least 2012 in order to be able to connect to iPhone, iPad.
Mine are mid 2010.
iPhone, iPad, iPod, aTV, Watch, etc. / Re: Airdrop problem
« Last post by Robert Hancock on Today at 10:07:46 AM »
Are the iPhone and the target Mac(s) all on the SAME Wi-Fi SSID?

Sometimes pairing can be a bit sluggish and other times they pop-up quickly.  I thought Airdrop had got a bit better in macOS 10.12.5 and iOS 10.3.2, so are you running those OSes?

iPhone, iPad, iPod, aTV, Watch, etc. / Airdrop problem
« Last post by Tim K on Today at 10:03:27 AM »
Airdrop on my iPhone works fine when connecting to another iPhone. No problems at all.

Airdrop on my MacBook pro works fine when connecting to the other macbook pro in our house.

But I cannot connect from my iPhone to either of the MacBook pros. Neither shows up on the other.

I've tried turning wifi and bluetooth of and on, and have just tried turning the router off and on. Still no connection.

Any suggestions for this one?
Thanks for the advice.

OK, seems to be fixed.

I tried connecting my iPhone to another computer, and both iPhoto and image capture worked fine. Then connected again to the original computer. Something must have got shaken up because they worked fine on that computer too. Dunno what that was all about.
But while trying to fix this another problem cropped up. See new thread.
You would not believe the nicotine/tar yellowing that builds up inside a PS2. I seen the fan literally stopped/plugged by the heavy deposits. Pure ethanol and a fine bottle brush plus some elbow grease remove it.
Another cheap cleaner for hard-to-remove deposits is a can of brake cleaner (350 yen) from Autobacs—pressurized ethanol and hexane.
First time in all the years I've had it, my trusty old Epson (top of the line A4 in it's day) pigment printer hasn't been able to fully clean the heads.  Main problems are Matte Black and Photo Black, though minor issues with red and blue.  CMY are all fine.    So probably I just need to clean those particular heads.

Looking on YouTube and various websites, some printer repair places and people are recommending things like Windex diluted in distilled water and you put small amounts in the print heads using a little plastic hose/tube on a syringe, with paper towels to blot up the excess ink.   

Is there a windex alternative? (or that means a trip to National Azabu I guess!).  I had thought some denatured alcohol would be okay, but obviously not. Also, where would one get a tube for a syringe. I have syringes (I use them for painting).

Or if there are any other ideas I'm all ears!

PS - the main offending colours are a particular brand of 3rd party ones that I bought off Amazon, so I will probably be going back to paying an arm and a leg for Epson inks in the future, unless I can find the other brand that BIC used to sell (they no longer stock it for my particular printer, which uses the same inks as Morgan's A3 from back in the day!).

I'm a fan of Hewlett Packard. They recommend using distilled water for cleaning the heads. Another thing I've done is used Rembrant Strong Ceaner diluted maybe three to one with distilled water. You probably have that or something similar in your oil painting kit. Distilled water, like is used in irons is called seiseisui in Japanese. I've found that most drugstores carry it.

Two other formulations I've used to clean tobacco yellowing off watch dials are mixtures of vinegar and lemon juice or lemon juice diluted with distilled water. I've also used them sometimes to clean printer heads, particularly when I'm hesitant about using an actual paint solvent like Strong Cleaner.
Did you see the video showing Trump clearly pushing aside a European leader so that he would be standing in front.

Pretty amazing, and NOT made up!
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