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iijmio has both dovomo an au.

is the two for one only good for new contracts?
Macintosh / Re: Malware
« Last post by Mickey Chaplan on February 25, 2017, 04:13:40 PM »
I wonder how that scam would work on my system.  I have hoefler text.  (One of the advantages of being a font obsessive.) 

Concerning malware, a friend of mine just removed MacKeeper....  It was causing all sorts of problems. 

Macintosh / Re: Itunes: Kill it before it multiplies!
« Last post by Mickey Chaplan on February 25, 2017, 09:30:22 AM »
I ordered the book.  It is in PDF format and cost about ¥2000.  Now I have to read it....
Asahi SIM needs a 1 year contract, I believe.  But at least its offers are better than when they first began. Though still no voicemail option for phone calls (not that Tim needs that).

The WIMAX is at least 1 year contract as well.There used to be a pay as you go plan but it's no longer available for new contracts. 

Thanks yet again. The two recommended organizations likely will be helpful.

Bill, many thanks for the Google heading, which no doubt will be useful.

The are very well established procedures for having tests done on the authenticity of documents. Here is the Google heading you look under for information on this.


Some of the entries will give you detailed information on the law itself, how testing is carried out, and whom to contact. Apparently this problem frequently occurs in legal disputes in Japan, because the widespread se of name stamps.

There are two organizations you should talk to. Both are free, but you may need some legal help beyond that which is not free.

This is the absolutely first stop go to place for any legal questions in Japan. They are an NPO that I believe is funded by the Ministry of Justice. I use them any time I have a legal questions and just used them a few months ago.

These are the offices throughout town where the Tokyo Lawyer's Association gives legal advice. I've used them in the past with  satisfactory results.
iPhone, iPad, iPod, aTV, Watch, etc. / Re: IIJmio still one of the best for prepaid SIM ?
« Last post by RevX on February 23, 2017, 01:46:30 PM »
Thanks for the extra input.

While I was nomading in Japan I used Asahinet's Wimax - was very good but its long term and not PAYG ( or the crap Japanese version of it :-) )

With the double offer on BIC contracts IIJMio still looks the best for a few months. Last time I used SoNet but I was only around for 2 weeks.

Seconded - Craig is reliable, I have used his company more than once for international shipments of large instruments. Also reachable on     /

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestion
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